TransPacific University (TPU)

TransPacific University (TPU) established in 2011, is a non-profit 501c3 California charitable educational institution dedicated to providing education resources to students worldwide via its online cyber-campus facilities. Established by dedicated educators in the USA, TransPacific University has sought to build an international higher education opportunity that would bridge the education gap and provide outstanding opportunity for many restricted by time and distance to pursue the dream of a quality, accredited higher education. TransPacific University’s campus is located in Sacramento, California with classroom facilities, administrative offices, full time student support and access to faculty throughout the world.


TransPacific University offers a Top Up undergraduate Business degree program that permits students with two years or 60 hours of undergraduate work to complete their degree requirement’s in Business Administration. The university offers three Masters degree programs that includes an MBA program, Masters in Information Systems and a Masters in Virtual Reality Systems. In addition HNU provides two advanced doctoral programs; ;one in Business Administration (DBA) and  a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Religion and Philosophy, Environmental Studies, and Education Leadership.. Certificate programs in Applied Ethics, Entrepreneurship and 3D Animation round out the current certification programs available through TransPacific University.


TransPacific University possesses an outstanding advance degree multi-disciplinary faculty and a virtual library of over 40,000 volumes. The library is exclusive to students providing each with unprecedented access to books, national and international journals and official documents in over 40 fields of study.